About the Network

Economic and political developments, technological progress, and consumer behaviours and attitudes are making new spaces possible new business value chains. We investigate how people live, work, save money, exercise, eat, heal, and thrive.

Helpfully Values

Exploring with multi-faceted perspective, digging into what could be done differently or what the future might hold. With smarts and data, not a crystal ball.
We believe that most answers lie in the world outside the office walls. Curiosity propels us to explore the real world where customers and users live and work.
Kind & Optimistic
Looking out for the best interest of others. We’re empathetic to the needs of our teams, clients, and users.

Helpfully exists to support people and companies in bringing the future closer.

We believe that business can be more human.

Humans are understandable but not predictable. As soon as you think you have them figured out, they do something weird or idiosyncratic. Helpfully embraces and celebrates human idiosyncrasies, biases, baggage, heuristics, and logical fallacies.

We love to investigate how people behave in various situations — their social lives, technology-laden tools, infrastructure, and underlying cultural meanings. The dynamics at play can sometimes confound, complicate, and contradict that which is purely rational.

In order to help leaders get in touch with the human side of their business, we created our network model. No one team can do everything. So we don’t have one team. We have many.

Layers and layers of human insights to consider.

We are more than our minds.

Our work requires us to understand humans, their mental lives, and their environment. We apply insights from psychology, behavioral economics, sociology, and even anthropology to better understand people.

Life takes place on a foundation of cultural knowledge. And humans are aware of their surrounding situation, an emergent combination of people, places, spaces and material 'stuff'.

But of course people have thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and instincts which drive their decisions and behaviors.

Meet Zach Pousman

  • Zach Pousman has built a career pursuing tomorrow’s best ideas. Zach founded Helpfully in 2016. He serves as the chief design researcher at Helpfully, carefully working to develop insights into human behaviors and attitudes.
  • Before founding Helpfully, Zach worked at Citibank, Microsoft and several digital agencies including Razorfish. His focus has always been on helping both startups and Fortune 100 companies navigate through the fuzzy and ill-defined phases of digital product development. As a UX leader, he's facilitated insight gathering, innovation workshops, and product design sprints for clients including Verizon Connect (formerly Hughes Telematics), Allstate, Kroger, Google, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and iShares.
  • Zach holds a Philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and did advanced graduate work at Georgia Tech, blending anthropological techniques, design, and technology studies.

    Zach speaks frequently to audiences on topics including product design, UX research, and futures thinking.
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