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About Us

We all find ourselves in the midst of a blur of technological and cultural changes that have infiltrated every aspect of life — and every industry. Taking stock of these changes, deciding what matters, and finding a way forward is why we’re here. Although our work spans many sectors and stakeholders, health and well-being have always been a sweet spot for us.


Looking forward

Helpfully plays at the fuzzy front end of projects where things aren’t always well defined yet. We help clients distill and crystallize current realities. We roll up our sleeves and do the fieldwork necessary to discover the right problem to solve.

Specifically, we’re a hive-minded constellation — a concentration of domain experts who give you cognitive diversity and emergent thinking. We apply our insights to invent the right new thing. We’re here to help you get — and stay — ahead.

Helpfully is, at its heart, a consulting firm. Our purpose is to be your guide to the new — and the better.

Network Connectivity

Helpfully is a deeply connected company with a network of talented individuals with diverse skills, perspectives, and expertise. A community of like-minded achievers who all play well with others.  

We build teams from our networks in academia, policy, startup, and enterprise areas. The world is faced today with such diverse and complex problems to solve, we need access to all the perspectives we can collect, in order to answer client questions.

We operate Helpfully as if our organizational walls are a semi-permeable membrane. We reject a rigid structure and forced distinctions between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ the company. We seamless add value with every interaction.

Join Our Network

Here’s how we invest in our network

We at Helpfully are only here today because of what others have given to us and we are here to pass it on.

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Academic Cross-pollination

Zach frequently guest lectures at Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, and Georgia College and State University. Plus we’re available to engage high school and middle school students, in STEM and design and build student interest in pursuing careers in tech.

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Startup Community

We share our knowledge of product, customer insight, and design at incubators and accelerators — including Comcast’s SportsTech, Techstars Atlanta, and the Intentionally Good Project.

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User Research Atlanta

Helpfully is the co-host of the largest research-focused meetup in Atlanta. Join us at our next events if you’re interested in qual, quant, product analytics, and service design research.

Have a pro bono project
in mind?

Are you working for a cause that could use some Helpfully love? Send us a note - we’d love to see how we could help you achieve your organization’s goals. We are also always looking to bring ideas to life for those who might have been ignored or under-represented in technology domains.

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