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Our Services

We provide confident data and validation for your brightest ideas. From research to prototyping our team brings their best ideas to projects big and small.

Research & Insights Gathering

User & Stakeholder Interviews
Also known as ‘customer discovery’ interviews, explore the problem space, and potential solutions.
Ethnographic Research
Field work based in Anthropological methods to understand context and find user's frustrations (and unmet needs).
Diary Studies
Online or offline tools to understand everyday life through daily activities or reflections.
Competitive Intelligence
Desk research, expert interviews, field work to gather insights about how people are ‘muddling through’ with existing or emerging tools.

Experience Strategy & Prototyping

Customer Experience Journey Mapping
Mapping out the multiple phases, steps, interactions, and breakpoints across channels. This process uncovers the current state, and can identify and define changes to be made.
Experience Strategy
We help companies build a better pipeline of good ideas that will fuel future growth. We design alongside client teams to validate features, carefully define requirements, and ensure a coherent experience.
Service Design Blueprints
Software is eating the world. But the real world — stores, hospitals, customer service teams, package delivery, a home cooked meal — isn’t going away. Service design unites the full spectrum of experiences.
Experience Prototypes
Prototypes help because they quickly reframe the assignment, shift requirements, and enable rapid pivots. They are an artifact we can take into the field for research with customers and users.
Metrics and Analytics
Measure to improve. We deliver teams the insights they need from marketing ecosystem and digital products.
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Helpfully assists companies to understand and prepare for change.

We are living through a time of explosive change. Economic and political developments, technological progress, and evolving consumer behaviors and attitudes are opening new spaces and suggesting possible new value chains.

We investigate how people live, work, save money, exercise, eat, heal, and thrive. So that companies can can find and retain customers, deliver exceptional products and services, and build cultures that provide good jobs and returns to society.
Helpfully launched a global quant study in ten countries to investigate parent attitudes and behaviors. We quickly generated insights about parents path-to-purchase, attitudes, and brand associations.
Investigating social media behaviors of college-aged Christians sharing their faith. Qualitative online diary study (through mobile phones) to see members and audiences in more naturalistic settings.
Value-proposition development, strategy, and UX consulting for a fresh-food logistics company. The company connects food producers and restaurants — making the world more delicious (and people healthier).
Field work visits and ecosystem mapping to understand and improve the healthcare system for older adults who’ve suffered a fracture. Post-fracture care costs billions each year and causes untold pain and suffering.

We produce great results with the Helpfully approach.

100+ Projects

Helpfully’s teams have been a part of projects ranging from day-long workshops to multi-year engagements.

Steering Business with Design & Human Insights

Businesses need insights and a new way of looking at things. We support strategic choices by looking through the eyes of a customer to optimize features (earning millions) or avoid potentially misguided investments (saving millions).

For Today. And Tomorrow.

Frequently, our assignments assist companies to build value for the long haul. The best way to predict the future is to invent it (Alan Kay’s words echo in our ears).
Patient Journey Mapping

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Everyone seeks health and wellness. When we're well, we need to stay well. When we're sick, we want to recover. But health and healthcare are full of complexity. For executives and experience owners, documenting and designing customer journey maps in health and healthcare can be confusing.

Download Helpfully's whitepaper on Patient Journey Mapping to find out how we do it, what attributes and activities need to change when moving to the health context. It includes an example of a journey map we built and the tips you need to build your own.
“Helpfully and Zach were great at quickly diving in with us to help us accelerate our growth. They are quick to deliver value and a key team to have in our back pocket. They understand people — and what drives them — as much or more as they understand tech trends."
Jake Sanchez
Chief Revenue Officer, CarynHealth/AHPA