All of our projects are consultative in nature. Targeted sprints. Here's just a small sampling of the natural treasures we've helped preserve over the years.


competitive landscape

How does your product compare to your competitors and where are the opportunities to excel?

Helpfully can quickly analyze a digital product, app or service and provide specific recommendations on how to improve it. We have a set of design best practices and heuristics that we apply to the product at hand, quickly finding spots where users may fail to complete their tasks, get frustrated or misunderstand or mis-use the product.

As an additional component, Helpfully can create a comparative analysis across 5-10 competitor products, or products that are in the same arena (but which might not be considered as strict competitors). This can highlight opportunities for your team to invest in pulling away from competitors, doubling down on successful features, or catching up, shoring up weakness.

How can you be confident that your product will meet your users’ ongoing and future needs? 



For some products, timing is everything. Understanding when a user finds out about the product, how long do they consider a purchase and how long it takes them to get started is critical for the success of most digital products. The way that Turbotax unfolds (a product that millions of people have to re-learn each tax season) is different from utilities that see weekly or even daily usage.

The arc of time and a user’s rhythms and routines are critical to the design — nearly as much as the buttons, sliders, other controls, text and images. But time is invisible. And it’s not always easy to talk about. [What happens on day 1 is quite different from what happens on day 100.]

Helpfully hosts workshops to map out the cadence and details of the customer’s journey. The journey map … 




Helpfully cultivates a deep and meaningful understanding of your user base and provides critical insights about who your users are - far beyond the two-dimensional, general category of “mom’s aged 24-34.”

When you have clear and detailed user personas your designers can quickly use those to immediately understand and empathize with the user. That empathy and understanding of the user allows your team to build products that predict and meet their user’s true needs.

Helpfully delivers 4 to 6 user personas that your team can quickly adopt and deploy as a part of the design process.These personas come with a name, dossier and photo along with clearly defined relevant demographics, psychographics and behaviors.

Helpfully also offers a workshop that facilities the integration of the these personas into the design process to give teams a clear sense of how to brainstorm/use personas…..blah blah