Helpfully Q Briefing Service

You may be looking to enter a new domain, industry, or technology platform. But your team might not have time or expertise to investigate. Helpfully’s network of world-leading experts can help. Helpfully’s Q offering is a fast way to access leading academics in a variety of fields. Helping you make better decisions to accelerate your success. We offer concise reports which provide answers to your most pressing questions. Drawing from top researchers, and built for relevance and applicability.

It’s possible a university research team already did a quant study with your target group. There are hundreds of research papers on email sequences to bring customers back to an ecommerce store. Or maybe you are trying to deliver a beautiful and elegant data dashboard, and you know there are laboratory studies and longitudinal insights from observing workers get value from big data. Hundreds of studies have been performed already digging into the perfect telehealth visit about a certain disease. 

All you need is access — access to the libraries, conference proceedings, journals, and thesis volumes. 

But you’d also need a team of analysts who know the research trends, can slice through the jargon, to slice out all of the nuggets and give you hard-tech insights — or anthropological clarity — in days, not months. Bonus, you can skip getting lost in the dusty university library stacks!

We can arm your product team with:

  • Recent research studies (qual or quant) and findings, applicable to your audience and industry
  • Pointers to frameworks and models, backed in science
  • Technology system examples
  • Best practices for a product's user experience, customer experience, or holistic service design
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UX Research Atlanta Meetup
Helpfully is the co-host team for User Research Atlanta, an Atlanta meetup with over 1,500 members. We embrace the big tent of UX Research practitioners, so qualitative or quant, UX, CX or market research, join us to learn together!
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Ideeea (the idea marketplace)
Helpfully believes in the power of good ideas so we created a marketplace for Ideeeas. Search for idea-stage businesses to buy from our network of entrepreneurs. Or sell an idea you’re not ready to pursue to a community member!
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Moss Podcast
Listen to some of the brightest minds in Women's Health. Helpfully’s Women’s Health partners Sarah Gear and Katy Atherholt post monthly episodes and continue to build an ever-growing community to explore solutions to some of the most important questions in healthcare.
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Mentoring Entrepreneurs

Helpfully volunteers our time and expertise to help startups and students exploring entrepreneurship.

We are committed to giving back to — and growing — the community in an inclusive way. We mentor entrepreneurs who don’t always get access to mentorship, UX tools, or conversations.

In the past few years, Helpfully has worked pro-bono with startups at ATDC / The Garage, Comcast’s ‘The Farm’ Accelerator, Techstars Social Innovation Accelerator, and Goodie Nation's Intentionally Good Project.

Also Zach has had the opportunity to visit many local schools from middle-school through college and graduate courses. Zach loves to teach about design thinking and the power of small teams to make a “dent in the universe”. Through examples and stories and hands-on activities, Zach excites and empowers students to prototype ideas. If students need more than just inspiration, we have successfully run our one-week design thinking sprint session for 6-8th graders — it's similar to what we offer professional teams, but scaled to school projects.