Doing Good Program for Non-Profit Orgs

Helpfully assists non-profits and projects for social good in addition to our paying clients. Each year, we select a limited number of projects that aim to make the world a better place and we provide strategy, design, and technology teams as needed. Helpfully also connects non-profits to our network of practitioners to foster connections and relationships.

Below are some organizations we support and projects we're proud of.


WOMEN IN Technology

Helpfully is a proud member of Women in Technology, a Georgia-based non-profit that seeks to increase the number of women working in technology fields. Programs span from K-12 to college to industry and career events.

Helpfully focuses our efforts on the STEM pipeline, working with educators and educational institutions to train and inspire the next generation of technology leaders.


Youth entrepreneurs GA

Bringing more diverse voices into innovation projects motivates Helpfully every day. Youth Entrepreneurs shares the desire to bring the power of entrepreneurship into under-resourced communities. Zach was a guest lecturer at the YE Academy 2017, helping founders use startup thinking (including customer discovery, research, design thinking, and prototyping) to build their ideas and make them real.


Innovation TALKS & Workshops at Local Schools

Zach has had the opportunity to visit many local schools to teach about design thinking and the power of small teams to make a 'dent in the universe.' Through examples and stories and hands-on activities, Zach excites and empowers students to prototype ideas. If students need more than just inspiration, we have successfully run our one-week design-thinking session for 6-8th graders — it's similar to what we offer professional teams, but scaled to school projects.

STEM & Innovation Project - 'Stories in the Sky'

Helpfully joined V&S and Artifact Design to work with two 6th grade classes at The Museum School in Avondale Estates, Georgia. Artifact Design had conceived, designed, and built a sophisticated prototype of an advanced interactive museum exhibit. Helpfully created a week-long innovation curriculum to introduce students to STEM topics, the design process for exhibits, and specifics of the the Stories in the Sky experience (so we could assess what was working and what wasn't).

The week progressed from learning to prototyping. Teams of 3 students created their own (new) requirements, storyboard, interactions, and paper prototype designs across both screens. Then they evaluated their prototypes by allowing another team to 'play' their prototype, while they took notes, and made iterative changes. Students learned a considerable amount about digital design methods and how to evaluate their designs, even with simple paper prototypes. Helpfully discovered the imaginative power of 6th graders. Success!