Talking about advice to your future (or past) self...

We were discussing an idea at work today that resonates a lot with me. There is a collection of advice you'd give to your younger self. If I — 36 year-old Zach — was going to give 25 year-old Zach, or even 15 year-old Zach advice about living, work, love or business, what would I say?

What would you say to your younger self?

I feel like there's a deep insight about advice where the advice you give (and get) is very much influenced by the age of the giver


So I'd like to create a site to allow people to give and get great advice from people of all ages and cultures. I've got the URL (and also, pronounced "you too"). Not sure if we'll get it off the ground in 2014. But maybe. What would my future self say? He'd almost definitely say "do it!".