Appster - Habitual Dependence™

Appster is a company that rides the line between a mobile consultancy and a VC-driven arm. They are not order takers who turn an idea you have into an app: they do a lot more. And they take a stock in all (or maybe not all... can't precisely say based on their website) of the apps they help build. And then, since they're 'on your side' as an owner, they create:

  • the ux strategy
  • the business case(?)
  • the product roadmap, including what gets deferred to later releases
  • the marketing

It's a cool idea for a company. And they also got a TM on a cadence related design principle, which they call Habitual Dependence™ I think this is a TM'd version of the toothbrush rule for VC-related user-experience design.